Fraction multiplication : Color-By-Number Flower Petal printables

fraction multiplication worksheet

The “Multiplying Fractions Color-By-Number Flower Petal Template” offers a delightful way to practice fraction multiplication while adding a splash of color to their day.

Introduction to Multiplying Fractions

Start by revising the basics of multiplying fractions. Remind students that multiplying fractions involves multiplying the numerators and then multiplying the denominators.

Introduce the Flower Petal Template:

Present the colorful flower petal template to the students. Explain that each petal contains a fraction multiplication problem.

  1. Color by the Output: Students will solve each multiplication problem and find the corresponding answer on the color key provided. Based on the result, they will color the petals accordingly.
  2. Motor Skills and Fraction Fun: As students work through the problems, they’ll not only sharpen their understanding of fraction operations but also enhance their motor skills as they carefully color each petal.
  3. Celebrate the Blooms: Once all the petals are colored, encourage students to admire their blooming creations! Discuss any patterns or observations they made during the activity.

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